Benaiah Ministries
Benaiah is from the Hebrew root word Benai "to build".  Benaiah means "Jehovah has built" or built by Jah".  Benaiah Ministries is an evangelical ministry that reaches out to prisons,  the homeless and the under priviledged in the community and ministers  in churches. This is primarily in the format of music ministry and Bible studies and with food or personal hygiene items. Benaiah reaches in the local community and churches primarily in the form of music and “Word” ministry. 
"In as much as you have done it unto the least of these, you have done it unto me" Matthew 25:40
Benaiah Ministries/ Betty's Heart
Benaiah Ministries/Betty's Heart has developed and established music ministries at several prisons in Texas. The Chaplaincy department of each unit reached considers Benaiah Ministries/Betty's Heart a valuable asset to its religious program. To Date, Benaiah Ministries/Betty's Heart, along with Project Homeless has provided meals for over 10,000 homeless persons in Central Texas; we have provided school supplies to over 1300 under priviledged children. Moreover, we have ministered to over 7,000 inmates in Texas prisons. This year, we endeavor to do more!! Its all about Him!!  As of 2014, Benaiah Ministries changed its name to The Betty's Heart Foundation. . 80% of music sales will go to fund this charity. This charity will continue to minister to the homeless, underpriveledged and those who are incarcerated. However, heart and physical health education will be added to the ministry platform.

Mission Statement
We endeavor to IMPACT, INFLUENCE, INSPIRE, EDUCATE, and EMPOWER by using music and other arts(physical activity) in additon to minstry of the Word, health information and  selective financial assistance to serve our community in the Spirit of  excellence  with compassion, humility, love and sincerity. The Lord the builder of our house; as we look unto Him for all things, we are confident that our labor is not in vain.

Benaiah endeavors to reach the world with the gospel and to establish and/ or support worldwide mission outreach centers i.e. food and clothing centers, housing projects for inmates and educational mission centers. Currently, all of our funds come from music sales and performances.

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In 2017, we provided financial assistance to homeless families and provided athletic attire and school supplies to students. We also provided transportation assistance to families and over 100 hours of volunteer service to community schools.

                   Our Directors


Gerita Johnson-Secretary                                        Mary Perry-Treasurer

    T. Sample CEO/Chair